Drifting jogwheels -- Is it faulty?

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Ever since getting my Kontrol S4 MK3, the track that is not currently playing will occasionally "nano-scratch" by itself, resulting in a quiet but bassy and glitched out scratch sound coming from the non-playing track and the track selection line slowly drifts to the left or right. I'm not touching the jog wheel and it's not moving during this phenomenon but touching it at all does stop the "nano-scratch" so it leads me to believe the jog wheels are over sensitive? (It happens to both jogs.)

The phenomenon occurs regardless of my jog sensitivity.

I'm also not playing loud enough at all for music vibration to cause this. Granted, I am on a fairly wobbly table so many a firm table would help. Is this a known problem or is my device faulty?

Don't really know what to do -- I can live with it but it's just annoying because occasionally it will drift off from where I'm about to pop a track in by a beat or two.

P.S. I read somewhere on here that maybe updating to an old version of the controller editor could help?? It was for a similar problem but with TT mode -- I believe my problem is just in jog mode but I'm actually going to check and see if it ever happens in TT. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


  • Markovicz
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    Hi @jacobocho,

    just wanted to check whether you are still facing this behavior or it could be fixed in the meantime.

    Generally speaking, a firm table is a basic prerequisite for proper operation of devices with jog wheels. I would definitely go for that first!

    There is no known issue with the controller itself AFAIK - and the problem that could be fixed with the Controller Editor downgrade was something completely different...

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