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Hello there! I have a homework about Newscool from the Factory Lib of Reaktor, I tried very hard but still can't understand much from the textbook... I have to hand in the homework today, so I feel kind of desperate and helpless😭😭 So plz could anyone be so kind as to help me with the questions below? Or just answering one or two questions from below will be a great help for me. Thx very much!!!

1. What is the sound source of Newscool?

2. What does Newscool do to the sound produced by the source?

3. What parameters can be controlled in the lower half of the Newscool panel (shown below)? Please explain the functions of these parameters in conjunction with Newscool's structure diagram.

4. How is frequency modulation implemented in Newscool? How is the carrier frequency obtained? How is the modulation wave signal generated? How is the modulation depth obtained?

5. Which parameters in the lower half of the Newscool panel (shown above) can be modulated? How are these parameters modulated?

6. What is the effect of the combined use of the three parameters PITCH SHIFT, GRAIN, and DELAY? Please be specific about how it works.

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