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Hello community,

After several years away from Traktor I need to bring out my Traktor Pro configuration + personal Maschine MK2 midi template for an event. Unfortunately, I can't get the Maschine MK2 controller recognized in Traktor's controller manager.

I loaded my template (TSI file) in the device part, but in the In-Port and Out-Port part, impossible to select Maschine MK2. Can someone help me? I'm lost, I don't remember very well everything that needed to be done to configure your own mapping and I haven't found any solution anywhere! Could it be related to the USB port or the cable? Knowing that the Maschine is well lit and seems to be recognized by Controller Editor.

I'm on Windows 10, I have the latest version of Traktor Pro ( same for Controller Editor.


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    The Controller Editor will show templates even with no hardware connected. There is the indicatior though (upper right-side corner) that you can check for outgoing MIDI.

    Since you are on a PC go ahead and download latest driver for your unit over at drivers section.

    Also try MIDI-OX, just to test the hardware if Traktor still cannot see the ports after the installation.


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