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Been trying to install Choir: Omnia for about 2 weeks now, after 3 emails with tech support it shows installed in native access, and I can see the picture of the library in Kontakt 7...however when I try to load it it says files are missing...I have the content saved on my external hard drive, have had a full scan done of my E: drive and it went from over 10000 files missing to "9188 files cannot be found" support is running out of ideas, anyone know how I can fix this? I have never had this much of a problem in loading Native Instruments libraries before, though this is probably the one with the most GB's behind it...


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    Buongiorno a tutti!

    Ho lo stesso problema, dopo averlo scaricato la libreria Choir-Omnia il processo di installazione va avanti all'infinito, non termina mai. Se chiudo il native access e lo riapro vedo la libreria è non mi da errore, ma se apro la libreria da Kontakt 7 o da Komplete Kontrol mi ritrovo con la stessa dicitura: impossibile trovare.....

    Ho contattato il supporto che mi ha indicato di riparare la libreria ricollocandola nella sua directory, ma gli ho riscritto che il problema non è nella ricollocazione della libreria perché non mi da questa possibilità in quanto già collocata ma il problema sta nella installazione della libreria, come ho detto il processo di installazione non termina, continua all'infinito. Aspetto loro notizie!?????

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    This issue still exists. I am also going back & forth on mails with no solution. Are you also on Windows? I think Mac users don't have this issue. It seems that NI devs did not test installation properly on Windows 10 OS

    Or this library got some major bug after they updated it to 1.1.1 in April 2023.

    Basically, the problem is that those .pkg files are not getting converted to NI-specific / container files like .nks, .nkx, .nkb, etc. Unless this conversion happens, it will never work because that's how the instruments are 'recognized' by Kontakt. I mentioned this in my mail as well in detail but they keep replying 'download file, unzip and locate' which does not work at all.

    I am still waiting for the solution since more than 2 weeks. I request the team to check & resolve this issue and get a Windows expert who can help you solve the issue (if you only have Mac experts).

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