S4 MK3 mapping for more efficient stem use

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Rather than waiting for you to introduce stems, I've created my own for various tracks I play, but I want to customize the pads for things like solo mode on buttons 5 6 7 8 or at least totally dimming the pads 1 2 3 4 completely when the stem is muted. I can do the first one but it also affects functionality of hot cues when the stem page is not active. I'm extremely efficient at mapping but there are no modifiers for if the stem pad panel is active or not, and no output mapping for the stem button so I can make my own modifier to override functionality of the hotcue pads or the eq or anything else ONLY when the stem pad is active. Any ideas or some kind of promise that the stem pad is going to be more customizable?



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    This can be done with 3 modifiers.

    Modifier 1 tracks the Deck Selector and Shift buttons.

    Modifier 2 tracks the Pad Mode buttons for Deck A.

    Modifier 3 tracks the Pad Mode buttons for Deck C.

    You can download the following mapping and see how modifiers are configured. Each deck has 6 Pad Modes in total.

    Delete all commands except for Modifiers and you will have the base for adding new mappings.

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