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I would like to know if it's possible to use a K13 upgrade from Select to Standard with a K14 Select licence ?

Here is my situation : I have a maschine MK3 included a K13 Select licence. One year ago, I bought and K13 upgrade to get K13 Standard. I'm gonna sell my Maschine with the K13 Select licence included (it's not possible to separate both). It means I won't be able to use tu K13 upgrade because I won't have any K13 Select licence anymore

Is it possible to buy a K14 Select licence to use my K13 Standard upgrade ? Will it work ?

Thanks a lot.



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    I already asked NI about that, and still no answers :( I don't know what to do, i have k13 updates to ultimate from select, but impossible to know if K14 select will work

    I hope you'll have an answer

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    If you sell MK3, licence for bundled SW (K13S and Maschine 2) will stay at your account and new owner gets new licences for the both.

    "Selling a hardware / software bundle (like a TRAKTOR KONTROL S3, MASCHINE MK3 or KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboard) is as easy as selling a single software product. You can unregister the hardware in your user account and will receive a License Transfer ID that you can pass to the new buyer. After the buyer has imported the License Transfer ID to their own account, they will receive the same software bundle as you, the original owner.

    In short, this means that the seller keeps the software that came with the hardware - and the new owner receives it as well. This way, all potential upgrade paths, that are based on that software, stay intact.


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    @Nico_NI would it be possible to clarify, if upgrade to higher Komplete Suite (Select->Komplete->Ultimate->Ultimate CE) is possible if version of base product is higher than version of Upgrade?

    I mean, for example if upgrading from Komplete 14 Select to Komplete 13 Ultimate (using K13U Upgrade from Select) is possible or not. Or what are the NI rules in such cases. People quite often ask this question....

    For example, if one has bought Maschine MK3 and upgraded Komplete 13 Select to Komplete 13 and is to sell the both HW and all SW. The new user gets K14S (the current version of KS) and K13 Upgrade from Select..... So, suddenly, there is sort of upgrade-downgrade licence mixture.

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    I can't find anything about this case, i'm trying to do something like that, but idk if i have to buy k14select for my k13 upgrade. Problem now, is that native instruments are not answering, and i'm waiting for like 2weeks now to clarify this :(

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    What about trying NI's Live Chat, if it still works. I have had good experience with it. But your question is sort of "komplikated". From one side it would be desired to allow it, but it may imply certain problems. Mainly, what plugins one has right to use after such a upgrade-downgrade.

    In your case it is not probably big problem, but if one would "upgrade" from K14S to K10U, would user has right use only K10U or also things that are in K14S and not in K10U? And is NI licence SW prepared for such a case?

    Even more severe it would be if base product would be standard Komplete, or even Ultimate. Imagine "upgrading" from K14U to K12U CE....

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