Hissing White Noise When Using Maschine

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Has anyone had an issue with Maschine where suddenly hissing white noise overtakes your ability to use the Maschine Software. I've had Maschine for a while and have had this happen when using my Maschine Studio Controller and when in Standalone Mode using the Maschine Software. Could this be a plugin issue or something else. I'm completely lost and this is extremely frustrating.



  • JesterMgee
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    Well, when this noise occurs do you see any signals in any parts of the Maschine software?

    It it is a loud noise after a period (set a stopwatch maybe) then it could be some plugin you have that is in demo mode and times out with white noise. Just a wild stab in the night...

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Long shot, but could it be this issue? How to Resolve Ground Loop Issues (Hum or Buzzing Noises)

  • Kubrak
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    I am using Maschine Studio for years and Maschine SW on 3 different computers and no hiss ever.

    So, it might be ground loop or some other problem specific to your computer/controller.

  • hisoul
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    The first minute user experience after my first maschine+ connecting

    - don't you think the machine self-noise is too much? Even in an empty project, connected directly to studio monitors, the self-noise is very high (when no masking sound is playing) ... compared to Akai Force on the exactly same setup, where there is NO audible self noise. I mean continual noise, no sudden pops or waves yet. No inputs running, no gain on inputs.

    I like the Maschine+, but this is sign of cheap preamps, what a bad visit card.

  • DeepThumb
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    I assume rather a bad gain staging in the current signal chain, ground loops, bad wall socket or wrong, e.g. unbalanced, cables. Result: Poor S/N ratio. Today's (pre) amps are good enough.

    My M+ signal chain doesn't hiss.

  • hisoul
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    Yes, you are right. M+ has a different output impedance. I send the signal directly to active monitors so I must keep the output volume around 5%. That is the moment of low s/r ratio. But in normal chain with a mixing desk I can raise volume over 50% so the noise is gone. Thanks guys. I am really happy for the M+.

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