Integrate Recommended Tracks function to Traktor Pro

Hi all,

Hello Native developers,

This is something I've been waiting for since 2015 and I really hope you can integrate it into Traktor Pro.

For years I've been using Traktor DJ (first edition) on iPad next to Traktor Pro. It has this amazing function Recommended Tracks on the right side of the screen when browsing through the playlists (see pic). It is amazing especially when I play multiple styles. I've been able to do whole events by just using "Recommended Tracks" Function.

Example 1: when playing Hip Hop, it easily shows me any tracks that fit the BPM AND the Key tone +1 up and +1 down. When the track I'm playing is 93 bpm, key 7m it shows all between 90 to 95 with 6m, 7m, 8m and 7d. And it shows at the top the tracks I've mixed multiple times with this one. So I easily can move through, Hip Hop, Funk, Disco, 80s, Trip Hop, whatever. It mainly gives me so many ideas looking at the tracks that are being suggested, that sometimes, seeing a track there, makes me think of another track which I wouldn't have tought of.

Example 2: When playing Electronic, i can make a mix so flavoured from DeepHouse to trance, Progressive, Tech House and back again. Especially with stuff that has melodies, this function is amazing because, it helps to find tracks that fit, especially because of the baselines that match in tone. Without any preparation I can just mix away.

The more I mixed on the Ipad the better the suggestion got, because the algorhythm was learning from every session. So you can imagine what you get after 5 years using this system.

You have the code, you've proven it works on traktor DJ, please can you bring it to PRO? I would even pay for subscription for this function.

A big traktor fan since 2008.

Love J.


  • Demus
    Demus Member Posts: 137 Pro

    That was one of the best features from Traktor DJ 2. Can you imagine this with a very good real time stems and flexible beat grid?

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,437 admin

    Hi @Irrlichter thanks for sharing your feedback. We've got a dedicated section for suggestions here. Feel free to drop your suggestions there so others can vote.

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