Feature Request - Midi CC Channel Filtering

myalteredsoul Member Posts: 155 Advisor

This feature request is to have midi input channel filtering apply to all incoming midi messages from the assigned device. Currently, channel filtering only applies to note data.

This will allow a user to map their external synth to control the macros for the device. This will allow you to program and automate device parameters using the hardware itself.

This will also open up Maschine to be able to be used in tandem with external software controllers such as the Soundforce SFC series controllers (SFC Mini, SFC60, SFC5, SFC1, and SFC8). Currently, using external controllers to control knobs is not possible due to the limitation of only 119 available CC slots with the current Maschine filtering setup.

This functionality already exists in all major DAW's.


  • ozon
    ozon Member Posts: 881 Guru

    That’s more of a bug fix request than a feature request: Maschine simply doesn’t work as expected.

  • jdbuerger
    jdbuerger Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    "Bug fix" may be more likely to be addressed by NI than feature - but this is essential. Maschine is a great tool - as long as you stay in the NI ecosystem, but worthless as a Midi controller in any more complex rig setup.

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