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I installed it and apps and other parts haven’t downloaded right and I try and reinstall and just fails. Is there an easy way to reinstall the whole process without doing it all separately in applications?

its all new to me and cant seem to even get it turned on yet

sorry for all the questions



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  • Peter Harris
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    No need to apologize. Many of us have had that same experience and it can be very frustrating. Native Access frequently fails repeatedly before it succeeds installing those new packages, sometimes due to too many users on that server at the same time and sometimes for no good no reason we'll ever know. 😉

    Just keep retrying it periodically and eventually they will all get installed. Sorry for that frustrating issue but eventually NI will get it sorted out. 🤞

  • Nico_NI
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    Do you have the latest version of Native Access installed? What's the error message?

    Please have a look at this troubleshooting thread in case it helps:

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