Just got a new Mac, and the experience with NI2 is... beyond awful.

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Been up LITERALLY all night installing things one by one in Native Access because:

  1. If I queue up everything (Install All) and there are a bunch of smaller packages (depends on internet speed), it will basically DDoS itself and stop working because it has a forced refresh after every installation finishes. So, I have to install everything ONE BY ONE and wait until after the refresh to start the next installation, manually.
  2. I'm almost at an emphasis, because Native Access 2 leaves every unpacked download in the Temp Folder, so my drive is actually almost full and soon I won't even be able to continue installing because I won't have enough space to download anything, despite the fact that everything is being installed on an external drive. Almost 250GB TMP folder from Native Access 2 on a 512GB MBP, right now, and I haven't even started the chunky installs. After Thrill finishes installing, it's going to increase by 40GB+.

It's as if this software hasn't even been tested.

EDIT: I found a way to clear the temp files, but it still sucks that I'm relegated to sitting in front of the PC for several hours installing something that should be largely unattended by nature.



  • iNate
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    After 11 hours of attended installations, 75% of expansions in Maschine 2/Komplete Kontrol are missing thumbnails, and the instructions to reset it didn't work.


  • iNate
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    Image assets fixed by copying the NI Resources/Image directory from a Windows machine... Found the fix on YouTube (won't help if this is your only machine).

    You can also copy the images over from the Library/Expansion content folder, but that's a 1-by-1 affair.

  • Mark Oxley
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    I can’t believe NI hasn’t fixed these issues with NA2 yet. I had a similar issue installing Komplete 14 standard 4 weeks ago. It took me 3 days to get everything installed. Had loads of failed downloads, when a package finally did download I was getting unknown errors while installing. The whole process is a complete mess. NI should be ashamed in forcing a largely untested pos software on their customers. I’m not a newbie either, been using komplete since version 11.

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