Beatport link and file security

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hello everyone for the new year.

This morning I thought about how the beatport link feature stores and secures files for offline mode.

Do they have a special type of encryption?

Are there any precautions for illegal use?

As a user, I wanted to consult this with you.



  • Markovicz
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    Answer ✓

    Hi Kayya,

    I cannot share much information on technical details, only this much:

    • Yes, there is a dedicated encryption method

    • Yes, there are precautions against illegal use

  • Kayya
    Kayya Member Posts: 187 Advisor

    Thank you very much for your reply. What comes to my mind is that when we use some platforms, files can be copied, so I wanted to ask that. I wondered how Traktor Pro made this job safe. I hope there is no open door because we cannot share technical information. I currently use my own archive. From time to time, people think of such things. :)

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