how do i get loop to play automatically

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i see the does not play. it acts like a sample and not a loop..the videos i see the loop starts to play directly after recording the sample. why cant i figure this out. ny help be awesome!!




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  • Peter Harris
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    You're going to need to give us more information than that to help. A screenshot, more about the situation, MK3 or M+, loading an existing sample from the library or recording your own, etc.

    But chances are this will help: use the left/right arrow keys toggle between different settings for the sample. It's probably set to one shot and you need to switch it to loop.

  • sashamon
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    so i did get it to auto play in another group but not another group. does it need to be a blank sound with no previous groups loaded for the auto play loop?

    i got auto play to work within a group that only had one sound or instrument on it.

    happy it auto played but still confused a little why the other group would not. i got mk3 n jam.

    i dont see one shot option...?



  • Peter Harris
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    Press the plug-in button. I suspect that it is using the audio module instead of the sampler module. If so, check out this discussion from earlier this week where I tried to explain the situation to someone else. And definitely and definitely check out the video from Jef Gibbons that I linked to in that post. It will help you understand what's going on.

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