NI Audio 6 MK2 / Behringer DDM 4000 / Traktor Pro 3

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Hello everyone, i have the NI Audio 6 MK2 in use. I would like to hang up with timecode.

I connected the Behringer DDM 4000 to the NI Audio 6 via Midi. After loading the mapping, i can't really use anything. Crossfaders or other things don't work. Does anyone have a solution for this problem?



  • Patch
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    Have you set the DDM4K as the input device on the mapping screen?

    Buy, you won’t really need to use the DDM4K as a midi controller.

    You’ll use it as an audio mixer. Much better that way anyway,

    You’ve got a mixer that is LOTS of fun there mate. 👌🏻

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