Komplete Kontrol/Maschine VST3 NKS compatibility - developments and updates

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Since the Komplete Kontrol and Maschine updates in November 2022 introducing full VST3 support (and native Apple Silicon compatibility) there has been significant progress to address the compatibility issues this posed for many existing plugins that had NKS presets created with the VST2 versions. While quite a few already supported VST2-VST3 migration either fully (NKS presets loaded in the VST3 version with params intact) or partially (NKS presets loaded correctly in the VST3 plugin but with errors in param mappings) there was still a good proportion that didn't support migration at all, leading to that dreaded migration error message (usually the plugins themselves as long as AS compatible worked fine - it was just the NKS presets that didn't).

This has been a huge effort on the part of the NI community and many developers so this thread is to keep track of and celebrate how much progress has been made and identify where efforts need to be be directed next.

Firstly as this list shows the roster of third party developers who now support migration has grown enormously since I first posted that list. Particular thanks go to u-he for working with NI to make their NKS ready plugins migrate flawlessly, and several other developers including LennarDigital (Sylenth), SonicCharge, Tracktion and Synthmaster have since been added to the list.

There are many more recent VST3 plugins that KK/Mas did not support at all before the update as they didn't have VST2 versions that have been made NKS compatible due to the efforts of this user community. These include:

Dawesome Kult, Novum and Abyss

Tracktion F'em and Biotek 2

Rhizomatic Plasmonic

Surge XT

Equator 2

Korg Modwave, Wavestate and OPSix

Quanta 2


Padshop 2

and others that have had VST3 conversions made include:

Tal Mod

Fabfilter Twin 2

Disco DSP Discovery Pro

GForce OB-E

Valhalla DSP FX

Liquidsonics Cinematic Rooms and Seventh Heaven

Spitfire LABS

Baby Audio Bundle

all of which can be found in the every growing NKS User Library thread here and in most cases also in the NKS User Library repository in my sig

Also our friends at Freelance Soundlabs have also made a huge effort to update many of their NKS conversions to VST3 including for Spectrasonics (including add-on banks), Cherry Audio, Roland Cloud and Korg Bundle plugins. A full list of all VST3 compatible NKS libraries available from Freelancesoundlabs is maintained here.

Couple all this with AS/VST3 supporting versions of Reaktor and Battery on the way (and Massive X and FM8 recently added) it looks like most compatibility issues will be resolved in the next few months

Still not yet compatible as NKS (except using Rosetta 2) are:

Rob Papen

Newfangled Audio


out of these I know Rob Papen, who is a 'NKS Partner" is working on the issue with NI, and since all Eventide plugins migrate fine would hope Newfangled Audio (who are part of Eventide) will be able to incorporate the code changes needed to enable migration soon.

Also it is possible to save presets from any of these plugins to NKS using the VST3 version and then they will load fine

Looking at this list this is a huge thing we have achieved in a very short space of time and I think we should be proud of this as a community. Instead of just complaining about the problems we have tackled them head on and dealt with them constructively and collaboratively. Special thanks to JesterMgee, Christos Adamos, Diam, Vagus, Mercury, Sunburn, jggorman and everyone else who has been a part of this.



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    Now Battery is AS compatible too

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    Why does Super 8 NKS not work in Maschine? I can load it as a VST but when I go to the browser I get the error saying it is not yet supported.

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    I only use the Reaktor version, the plugin version is not being developed anymore so just wait for Reaktor to finish the beta cycle for Apple Silicon Support or use it in Rosetta

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