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I'm new to this so pardon my ignorance. I mapped my pads and am using modo drum. I'm getting the correct drum, cymbal... when I hit the pad but...... the kit is changing from pad to pad. I want to be able to select any kit in modo drum and stay within that kit when finger drumming. Any help would be appreciated


  • Vito C
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    Has anybody been able to figure this out?

  • D-One
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    I'm guessing you loaded the plugin in every single Pad, if you do then changing the preset in one will have no effect on the other 15 as they are separate instances.

    Load it only in Pad-1. In all other Pads set the MIDI Out destination to be Pad-1 and rotate the Transpose of each Pad until it triggers the drum hit you want, save the Group so you don't have to ever do this again.

    This way you can use PAD Mode instead of Keyboard Mode to trigger the Plugin and configure what each Pad triggers, the disadvantage is the plugin window will disappear when you press Pad's 2-16 since Maschine can only Pin Plugin windows GUI's from NI for some stupid reason.

    The alternative is doing the opposite, configuring Modo Drums (or any Drum Plug) to match Maschine Chromatic Pad layout, Drum Plugs all tend to have a way to configure what note triggers what, I don't have that plug so cant help you there but should be easy... With this method you can keep the Modo Drum window visible.

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