Error loading plug-ins when using Maschine in FL Studio

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I recently opened up Maschine as a standalone to look at some old project files.

Now when I go into FL Studio to load something up I just get an error message?

All standalones work on their own and I can use all plugins in Maschine as a standalone to...

I've tried a full re-scan, paths are good in locations but nothing in manager...

Any advice?

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  • 6xes
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    if you have updated maschine.kontakt etc, what can occur sometimes is the new VST(maschine/kontakt etc) needs to be shifted into place(path of where FL scans your vsts)

    replacing the olderVST with the updated one

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @messengerescape Click on the NI logo in Maschine when loaded in FL Studio. What version does it show? If it's a different version than the standalone, it's just a matter of plugin administration for Maschine in FL Studio. Check this article on how to fix it: Plug-in Administration in FL Studio 20 (Windows)

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