How to swing/groove?

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Do you use swing/groove? How?

Manual gives very limited info about swing. Personally I almost never use swing settings. I find it hard to remember witch group or sound I have applied swing to. So I end up using nudge instead.

It would be cool if swing setting would actually move the events on the grid. Maybe some kind of ’apply swing’ button. Then we could have best of two worlds. For some reason not understanding the swing makes me feel my self stupid.

My request for NI is: please open up the swing more in The Manual so Idiots like me can understand it. Or even better: make some quality content about swing settings.

Best thing I have found is this:

I have read stuff from the old forum. I have no need for lecture about Linn and the history of mpc swing.

Thank you for your kind responses! Any help is appreciated.



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