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Maschine in Midi Mode Can't trigger Komplete Kontrol loaded samples/sounds

Madman Member Posts: 2 Noise

Am I missing something? If I load battery (or any single shot sound for that matter) into KK, Maschine (in midi mode) pads will not trigger anything. But when loaded independently, Maschine midi mode triggers (works) as normal. Is it not possible to trigger sounds via Maschine's pads that have been loaded within KK?


Best Answer

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 4,417 mod
    Answer ✓

    In the Komplete Kontrol application, check the MIDI preferences and make sure to select the Maschine Virtual Input,

    Now when in MIDI mode you should be able to play your kits with the Maschine controller. You can navigate octaves with the group buttons (group C would be the correct octave to play the kits).


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