Using Traktor with different memory cards

renan Member Posts: 1 Member

would be nice if traktor pro could handle well different music libraries on different memory cards...



  • Klaus.Meier
    Klaus.Meier Member Posts: 29 Member

    It does, you only need different Collection.nml.

    Here are two suggestions:

    If they are on a SD, (together with the tracks) you only have to point Traktors Root folder to this Card. If you are on Windows you can assign aleways the same drive letter to all your cards. So traktor will find his collection. Of course, you first have to insert the card and then start Traktor.

    Or you have a collection.nml for each SD Card on you harddrive.

    SD1_Collection.nml, SD2_Collection.nml ... In this case you write a small batch file which copies the SD1_collection.nml to collection.nml,

    start Traktor,

    and when Traktor is closed, copies collection.nml to SD1_collection.nml

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