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Good afternoon, I have had a massive data loss on my iMac when upgrading to Mac.os Ventura 13.0 absolutely everything including the backup of the system on the external ssd hard drive that was connected, I have been complaining to Apple for a month and they decline all responsibility even with everything documented in Apple's advanced technical service. TOTAL OUTRAGE🤬!!.I would like to know if you can help me with this question: if I decide to switch to Windows what I acquired with native instruments is compatible or can it be installed on Windows? Thank you so much for the answers .


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    Well in terms of software, it is both Windows and MacOS compatible so any purchase you made works on both.

    No company will take ownership of loss of data due to any issue. HOw can you lose data on an externally attached backup drive due to a system update? Prob beyond the scope of the topic here but seems kind of strange, tho I have a separate backup server with externally attached mirror drives and a second mirrored backup system offline so "triple multi-site redundancy"

    So you didn't have anything like an iCloud drive, google drive or anything as an online backup? I use Google Drive and Backblaze as different backup solutions with BackBlaze being the best value for amount of backup storage (unlimited) for the cost but it's not designed for "quick access" to files, purely as an archiving and backup/restore solution but I have at least 30TB of data backed up there, worth the peace of mind.

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    You can check Windows compatibility here: Compatibility of Native Instruments Products on Windows

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