big sur works with komplete 13ce?

mountain lion
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I'm just about to upgrade to big sur. will komplete 13ce work with big sur?

it says on the page big sur is compatible with current products. but 13 is not current.

thank you


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  • Jojo123
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    Im on an Intel 2019 model. Im on BigSur and have K13 UCE. It works fine here.

    However you don't say what spec your Mac is. You might run into problems under a weaker CPU/ not enough RAM / HDD or slower small SSD for the more processor intensive products such as some presets from Pharlight and Straylight.

    Make sure you take into account your disk size and its free space, plus formatting correctly. Id recommend doing the big libraries one at a time or you could find yourself getting the dreaded and common notice of not enough space to install.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Komplete 13 or 14 or any number are only bundles of products. These products are regularly updated, now all of our products are compatible with Big Sur and Monterety, Ventura is on the way. You can easily check Apple compatibility in this article: Compatibility of Native Instruments Products on macOS

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