Does Traktor/Traktor Scratch had a loop/dub function for non-timecode inputs?

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Cut Chemist is one of my all time favorite DJs. Also want to bring up Reggie Watts. Both use their own versions of looping, sampling, and even over dubbing on live inputs. I was wondering if this is a feature currently available with Traktor, and if so, how would you trigger it with the Z2 mixer? I like the idea of being able to do this with input that is coming from something that is coming in raw versus a file on my computer.



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    Another reason I bring this up is because I recently got a guitar and think it would be awesome to have that input going into my mixer along with records and vocals or aux input to get really experimental with what kind of music I could be making.

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    Like this?

    You’ll have to learn to map it.

    I have the rc505 and I do something similar to the cut chemist video you posted. My setup is here

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    This is exactly what I wanted to see. Now to learn how to make it happy. Appreciate you sharing this.

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    Traktor has a main looper and remix decks. It isn’t straightforward but workable for sure and you could control the remix deck with turntable/controller.

    but if you don’t need that control feature maybe will be better approach get a dedicated looper app.

    The developer stated some times he has in the roadmap add some control to simulate scratch and deck stop with a dedicated widget. Meanwhile he has added automatic mapping for apc40mk2 and launchpad pro mk3 alongside midi learn and complex behaviours (like Ableton Follow Actions) so maybe worth a look.

    Another option is GroupTheLoop (GTL)

    Obviously Ableton is another option but for me these 2 apps have the best of Ableton but better workflows related to live looping. In the hardware side I will recommend you Digitech trio+ which is similar to GTL, Pioneer Toraiz Sp16 which is similar to remix deck and has live inout looping (but not scratchable playhead sadly) or Boss Rc10r which has similar specs to trio+ but midi in/out for syncing.


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    This makes me wonder if there could be some option for the Maschine to operate as a controller for the looper and remix decks much like how that was possible with the Mk1 back in the day. Also to have a new shortcut that makes it easier to jump back and forth between controller and Maschine mode without disturbing elements going on at once. Also makes me wonder how Maschine + Traktor perform when doing multiple tasks that demand a lot of the CPU?

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    Also, I prefer to keep everything in house with Native Instruments in terms of tools since that is what has worked best for me rather than mixing too much different gear together. Granted, some external components may be nice, but if anything can be done internally, that makes it better.

    Though that does beg a good question if a dedicated looper and remix decks controller much like the TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 and F1 could be made, or if these are already functionally capable of that. Still, if Traktor can already do it, maybe there is an easier streamline way that doesn't reinvent the wheel with a whole new piece of hardware.

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