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Hi, i have today started the trial version of Ableton to compare the functionality to Maschine. It makes practical sense to stay with Maschine as I’m familiar with the setup, love the expanse of sounds and most of the functionality. Also, I have NI hardware. However, one of the annoying things is the inability to fade easily, as can be done in Ableton. This could be vastly improved in Maschine by enabling a fade increase or decrease in the control lane at the bottom of the software. A simple line that could be dragged up or down at a given point would be useful. In addition, sample timing could be improved to include refinement of sampling as can be done by warp in Ableton. You can stretch samples and alter the timing in Maschine, but sometimes parts of the sample is off tempo. Being able to adjust any section to bring it in time would be a powerful addition. One other improvement I’d like to see is the ability to save a track to mp3 as I currently have to convert these using separate software once I’ve exported the track to a WAV file.


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    Hey @MarkH We'll forward these feature requests, thanks for your input.

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    If you need to forward Automation improvements and timestretch improvements to the developers, somebody at NI needs to buy a pen and paper and start writing stuff down, they are the two most requested features in its history hahaha.

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    @Flexi Yes, we know about these long standing feature requests and they are already in the hands of the devs, I was just quick here, as there is a lot going on around here these days. That failed miserabily thanks to you 😃

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    Please include the start tuning of the drums in Rudiemts. When I am selecting patches I have to figure out using Melodyne these kicks starting notes. This should not be this difficult. It’s the only flaw I feel in the new play series instrument.

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