Windows not recognizing S4 Mk2 please see the link in the post

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I'm trying to find a fix that use to be posted online but looks like NI took it down. My problem is I'm trying to use my S4 on a new PC and it's Windows 10 is not recognizing it. I remember having this problem before and the solution being posted online in the link below but it looks like but it's no longer there.

Does anyone have a fix to this issue. Device Manager recognizes S4 Mk2 but says driver isn't installed. My driver seems to be installed in my add/remove programs list. When I go to update driver from file location it says its unable to install it. When I attempt to use the Device Updater it won't recognize the device to update it. I have downloaded all updates from website. The controller works on another machine.

Does anybody know which Windows update i have to manipulate/delete to get this working again?


  • Uwe303
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    unplug the device, go to device manager and set under view or something like that all devices. So you'll see also not currently connected devices. Then delete all S4 stuff, if asked about also deleting the driver say yes. After that you reinstall the driver - then last step reconnect the S4.

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