How to change OSC messages from Float to Integer?

FJ Roberts
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I was trying for a while to control a few apps and mixers using OSC templates using Reaktor, and I always found myself unable to control certain parameters. After using an OSC monitor I found out that Reaktor always outputs FLOAT OSC messages and certain parameters need them to be INTEGER values or even just STRINGS.

After trying out Touch OSC I found it so easy to set it up there and everything works flawlessly, but I don't seem to find a way to switch from FLOAT to INTEGER in Reaktor. Is it not posible?

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  • bolabo
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    Unfortunately Reaktor can only send values as floats over OSC.

    In the past I have used a Pure Data patch to convert float values, in OSC messages from Reaktor, into strings before sending them on to the Atom text editor to execute Tidal Cycles commands, a bit of a faff but it worked.


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