Traktor 3.7, and still no official Ventura compatibility?

Do I see correctly that there is still no official support for macOS Ventura in update 3.7? If so, when can we expect it? We are waiting for a very long time... Native Instruments (and mainly Traktor team), as usual, seems to be very surprised with the new version of macOS, which was announced by Apple many months ago. Most Developers/companies had enough time to adjust their applications. So why are we still waiting. The new version of the system did not introduce any critical changes. Some users report that Traktor is stable, so I'm assuming it should work fine, but I'm waiting for an official confirmation - I'd like to see this in 2022, but I guess I can only dream about it. Now it looks like you focus on adding features to the subscription version than guaranteeing stability for all Core users.

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  • DJ-Andre
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    There is an official confirmation v3.7.1 is Ventura compatible.

    v3.7.1 is available through Native Access.


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