Electric Sunburst can't play single notes

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Is this really true? This feels a little bait-and-switch, because how am I supposed to audition Electric Sunburst and conclude that I have to pay yet again for the upgrade, when I can't even audition E.S. without that arpeggiator plunking down some goofy rhythm.

Unless NI is going to send out a memo to the entire world that their products use a proprietary vocabulary which describes their products, I think it is entirely misleading and a little tone deaf for NI to come up with these questionable descriptors such as Playable.

First there was Strummed. And then came Playable. I would like to Play the Electric Sunburst please. Instead, the computer is playing it and I'm just choosing what notes it plays. Enough with this bad marketing. I'm feeling a bit burned that I bought essentially a Casio play-along keyboard guitar.

Your products are pretty great, and consistent. So it's really disappointing that you found this split purchase reasonably though out, and it really makes question wanting to invest more money in your products moving forward.


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    It's true that Electric Sunburst can't play single notes, but this is something that's not really a secret. Not only does a walkthrough video exist, there are also past discussions like this one:

    Key word: pattern based.

    You can indeed play single notes in the Deluxe version of Electric Sunburst. It comes with a second melodic instrument/instrument for melodic playing.

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    I think your implication that potential customers are supposed to read forum thread warnings before purchasing a product is foolish. This product presentation is backwards and I'm obviously not happy about it.

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    The "pattern based" applies not only to the Electric Sunburst but also a few other libraries. "Playable" should mean (in practice) that I can modify the MIDI pattern if I can't play single notes. NI should really release updates to their pattern based instruments to allow for single note playability. This is what I dislike NI, they restrict certain content and I agree it's not very fair of them to be doing that and not making it very clear that they do.

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    Wow. Only just discovered this myself. Massively disappointing. I wanted to use this as a lead guitar patch, but not possible.

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    To get the instrument to play notes like what instruments do, you would have had to purchase the Electric Sunburst "Deluxe' version..Instead of just upgrading the instrument for free, NI did a money grab and just created a more expensive new instrument. I dont think the standard version should even exist.

    NI just keeps cranking out new instruments, not bothering to update/upgrade the ones they already have. I have the Electric Sunburst Deluxe, Mint, and VintageElectric...all are stuck on version 1 as though they all emerged from the womb as perfect instruments never needing updating/upgrading. I wish I knew this going in as i dont think this is what a quality company should do. They should have pride in their products and strive to make them better rather than just abandon them because ???.. I think we know why

    So I am recommending folks look at instruments from Impact Soundworks. I have the Shreddage Stratus and it is far superior to the offerings from NI...they didnt stop at Version 1..they are now on version 3.5 or so and are NKS ready. I think they will continue to upgrade thier offerings. I;m not sponsored by them or anyone in the music business

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    Well, I upgraded to the Deluxe version, but it's left a nasty taste in my mouth after forking out for Komplete Standard and expecting something as simple as playing a few notes from a sample library instrument. I have to say I find the inability to be able do this in the basic Electric Suburst a tad cynical on NI's part.

    But onwards and upwards...

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    I was actually surpised that the instrument is not playable, i just bought the komplete standard but i'm thinking of returning it since i just can't afford to pay even more money to simply be able to play the instrument like it normally should be, the patterns are cool, but hiding the playability of simple notes from the instrument behind a deluxe money wall is just weird.

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    It's frustrating for sure. You can kinda get close by picking certain patterns and adjusting the latch mode and tempo to get what "sounds" like something close.

    There's been a few threads about this exact issue in the past. I had the same realization with the Ukulele. In the end, I went with a used Roland Integra-7. Their SuperNatural acoustic sounds are pretty awesome.

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