Motu UltraLite MK5 & Traktor Pro

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Hello.I need an audio interface so I can connect Traktor’s four decks to an external 4 channels mixer so I can control them through the mixer .Motu UltraLite MK5 is one interface that I m thinking of bying .Another one is the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 3rd Gen .Has anyone use any of those two with Traktor?If yes ,are u satisfying with?Any other suggestion?I think I prefer the Motu cause its smaller and It looks qualitatively better



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    Both are massive overkill for DJ'ing mate. Very expensive, and they'll certainly be under utilised.

    Something like this, as around a quarter of the price, would do you just fine:

    ESI Gigaport eX – Thomann UK

    I had an MOTU Ultralite (MK2) many years ago. It's a quality piece of kit, no doubt, but definitely far to expensive for DJ'ing with.

    If only Zomo still made the MC-1000. That would be PERFECT for you. It has a midi controller and an 8-channel Audio Interface built in. 👍️ I have one in the loft, but one of the cue buttons has lost it's click...

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    it will be used for producing also.As for the controllers part ,two xone k2 will do the job

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