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Jeffy G
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Hey folks - since the new KK release for M1 compatibility, my M32 Logic integration is hit or miss. It’s slightly more stable if I start Logic via Rosetta. Something must have changed with the OSC app/driver? 4 months ago, I could use my M32 with Logic running in Universal M1 mode, which I did on projects that didn’t include Komplete Kontrol or Kontakt instruments, and the OSC layer gave me transport controls, jog wheel nav, etc.

It seems since the KK update a few weeks ago, my M32 has become sporadic. Of course we know KK must run via Rosetta, and the latest version requires you start Logic via Rosetta if you want Battery 4 and Reaktor instruments to work. Ok, I get it. But this doesn’t explain the M32 instability.

More clues: When the M32 is stuck in “Template 1 - Midi Mode” I used to exit Logic, unplug and replug in the M32 USB cable, and it might startup correctly in Logic. Now, I have to completely power-down my MacBook and reboot, to get the M32 Logic integration back. Is that because the OSC app/driver is still running and there’s no way to restart it?


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  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Jeffy G Sorry, I just see your post now. Are you still having these issues? With the latest version of Komplete Kontrol you should be able to use the keyboard in Universal M1 mode (without Battery 4 and Reaktor 6), can you give it a try, only for troubleshooting?

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  • Jeffy G
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    Thanks! I have done a lot of experimenting. I have the firewall turned off, but yes ‘Full Disk’ access is configured correctly. The NIHostIntehrationAgent occasionally drops the M32. If I exit Logic, unplug and re-plug the usb cable, it picks up again. There must be some other software conflict that is very rdifficult to isolate in Activity MonitoR. Sometimes it happens during periods on inactivity - like I’m using KK in Logic with M32 in ‘TRACK’ mode, come back after a few hours - the ‘TRACK’ button is out. It’ll still work in ‘PLUG IN’ mode, but to regain Logic integration, I have to do the unplug usb routine.

    Generally, I run into issues with Komplete Kontrol and Maschine 2 in Logic unless it’s started with Rosetta, so I’m resigned to using Rosetta for now, until NI has a fix {end of Q1 2023}. I have an open ticket with NI Support.es

  • mackmeier
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    Yeah, I am facing similar issues. I can't switch to Plug-In mode at all for the non-Kontakt plugins and sometimes even the Track mode isn't working. This is obviously not the behavior as advertised and very disappointing.

  • Keith Cocker
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    Issues arising from the latest version of KK are many and I would advise NI to acknowledge this and announce a timescale for a solution.

  • Jeffy G
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    Whether to run Logic via Rosetta is a complex issue. I just found Maschine 2 as a Logic plugin only works in Unversal M1 mode and yet, you need KK in Rosetta for Battery 4 or and Reaktor instruments to load. If you need to use KK and Maschine 2 in the same Logic project, you’re screwed.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Jeffy G The latest 4.3.0 Battery update was published on January 9th and is now ARM compatible and Reaktor is going in Beta soon: Reaktor 6.5.0: Announcing start of Beta phase for January 2023

    There is light at the end of the tunnel!

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