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So I am thinking about getting a maschine + was wondering if I can trigger patterns with an external midi controller like the launchpad in standalone mode?


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    No, you cannot trigger Patterns with a LaunchPad or any 3rd Party controller, as Flexi said: Jam (a discontinued product) can and so can a KKS-MK2 (with the knobs tho, so not very practical).

    But you can switch Scenes/Sections (which is a Pattern wrapper/container) with external 3rd party MIDI controllers, this will only work with something like a LaunchPad if it can send the notes that Maschine uses (C-2 and up) - So if Launchpads custom mappings get uploaded to it's HW and do not require drivers and such it will work, if it depends on SW for mapping then maybe not.

    Also, keep in mind there will be no special functions from M+ to the launchpad like the current Scene blinking, color matching, etc... So not sure how you would keep track of things visually in more complex projects.


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