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Automatic instrument assignment for MIDI GM, GS and XG voices

UdoBehm Member Posts: 60 Sine

Good day,

I'm totally missung a function in Komplete Kontrol (or also in the single VST instruments) that they automatically assign an instrument to a MSB, LSB and Program Change entry that the DAW or a style delivers.

I've found a great program called giglad (https://deltarray.com/) that is capable of playing (Yamaha) Styles and allows to assign soundfonts or VSTs that play the sound of these styles. I so much would like to just assign the Komplete Kontrol plugin to each of the channels that the style is containing. Unfortunately it is necessary to manually assign an instrument for each plugin individually. Could Komplete Kontrol or any other of your VSTs (maybe Kontakt) not do that automatically according to the MSB, LSB and Program change information available in each track of the style?? This would make playback so much easier and less time consuming...

Hope very much you may implement this idea as the only thing that would be needed to do then for the user would be to insert Komplete Kontrol as VST in each of the style's channels and Komplete Kontrol thus would automatically find the right instrument for the corresponsing instrument played in that channel...

When using soundfonts this works kind of well so far. When using Komplete Kontrol it doesn't work at all - what I think is a big pitty.

Yamaha styles are widely available for free on this page https://psrtutorial.com/sty/yamaha/index.html and if Komplete Kontrol would automatically find suiting instruments for each of the (styles) channels this would be a great deal of using the styles in combination with your software and giglad...

Really hope you'll be implementing this idea inside Komplete Kontrol and maybe your other plugins. This would save so much time if Komplete Kontrol will find corresponding instruments automatically...


  • Paule
    Paule Member Posts: 839 Saw

    Kontakt has an access via omni to GM. GS or XT I don't know.

    In later times NI had Bandstand. It's difficult to install Bandstand and NI send an email in which prefer Kontakt for midi files.

  • UdoBehm
    UdoBehm Member Posts: 60 Sine
    edited December 2022

    Interesting. Do you know how I can use GM in Kontakt with an automap function for my style channels?

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