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I'm want to buy a new PC and I have some questions.

I hope you can help me.

This is the PC I would buy

Prozessor (CPU)

Intel i7-13700K | 8C+8c/24T, 3.40-5.40 GHz

Arbeitsspeicher (RAM)

32 GB, 2 x 16 GB, DDR5


Geforce GT 1030, 2 GB, lüfterlos


M.2 PCIe SSD Samsung 980 | 1 TB

M.2-Modul 2

M.2 PCIe SSD Samsung 970 Evo Plus | 2 TB


Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 Bit

Here are some questions:

Would this be a good Audio PC?

Should I change something?

Where should I install the music software like Cubase, Komplete 14 and all the samples?

Thank you!



  • Kubrak
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    The first SSD could be smaller. 512 GB would do. IMHO.

    I would install NI libraries on disc 2, plugins and SW on disk 1.

    I am not sure about Intel CPU. IMHO AMD CPUs are better choise. They use less energy, so it is much easier to cool. Also Zen 4 family using AM5 socket will be easily upgradeable for several CPU generations, so when you will need more CPU power, you´ll buy future Zen 6 (or even Zen 7) and change just CPU.

    With highest AMD consumer model you may have 16C/32T. Also in January or so come 3D models with real huge cache. Kontakt, or plugins needing huge data, could benefit from that.

  • AkNi
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    Thank you for the reply

    With NI libraries you mean the expansions/samples?

    If I install the Komplete 14 plugins on disk 1 I think I would need more than 500gb🤔

    I will see if they have AMD CPUs

    Thank you

  • Kubrak
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    Yes, Expansions and Kontakt Libraries. They take the most disk space of Komplete. If you upgrade to Komplete Ultimate Collectors one day, they will take more than 1 TB.

    I do not think NI plugins take that much that they would not fit in 512 GB including OS and other programs. They take aprox. 8 GB (maybe I have missed few folders, so it might take a bit more....). And I have K13U CE and Traktor 2 and 3.

    But no problem, if you have 1 TB system disc. Just will spend more money.

    One more thing. 2 TB or bigger HDD might be fine for musical data like waws, in future.

    Look at AMD for sure, Intel has slept handfull of years and is way behind AMD last 4-5 years. And will be, IMHO, few more years.

  • AkNi
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    I have the K14 CE. So I should install all the plugins on disc 1 and the expansions on disc 2?

    I will see how big the plugin files are.

    Would it be a problem if I would install everything on disc 2?

    Thank you

  • Kubrak
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    Expansions and Kontakt Libraries to disc 2 (They are addressed as Content Files in Native Access, I guess). It would not fit to disc 1 (1 TB) anyway.

    It would not be, probably problem to install everything (data and plugins) to disc 2, but would be better to keep them on disc 1, as generally they are expected to be there. But may be anyplace, if you really will so.

  • AkNi
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    Ok I will see

    Are Instruments a part of the Kontakt librarie? Sry for asking I'm kinda confused

    I saw some instruments are over 20-30gb


    It's like this now

  • Kubrak
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    1) I would change for sure Content Location to your Disc 2. It is where Kontakt Libraries and Expansions go. It will be over 1 TB in case of K14U CE.

    2) Maybe you will have to change also Download Location to Disc 2, otherwise NA might say you do not have enought disk space. If possible leave it as it is. Just try if NA complains, and if yes, change it to Disc 2.

    The rest I would leave as it is. It might take only about 7-8 GB.

  • AkNi
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    Thank you!

  • 6xes
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    If that aint a good PC... then you are going to be disappointed in the amount of money you have spent for it!!

    that said... i thought the CPU's of that generation required windows 11 in order for the CPU to be fully utilised?? *shrugs

    heck what would i know, i dont have that kind of money to splash around!!! im in the budget camp LOL

  • DominikGX
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    When I switched to a larger SSD and installed Komplete 14U CE, I was unable to MOVE it, so that it can recognize it. so I had to later install it from beginning. Just as sidenote.

  • AkNi
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    I don't know much about PC tech so I hope it's good😁

    They told me to go with Win 11

    Thank you for the info

  • chk071
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    "Would this be a good Audio PC?"

    For sure.

    And, yes, go with WIndows 11. Makes no sense to install Windows 10 for it, which will only receive updates a further 2 1/2 years from now.

  • Kubrak
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    Win11 x Win10.

    If using 12th and newer intel generation (those with big.little CPU), you should use Win11, as Win10 does not "understand" big.little well.

    Those CPUs should work better on Win11. Better does not mean well under all circumstances.

    But still, I would avoid them, it is just asking for problems, and go for AMD, or deactivate little cores in Intel.

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