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  • Rico010
    Rico010 Member Posts: 31 Member

    great if M+ could control Maschine over bluetooth. I mean a switch in standalone that allow to switch between controller mode over bluetooth and standalone without a restart. Just a 1-click feature.

    Like, I hit play in standalone, switch to co troller (standalone beat continue to play), do something in Maschine over bluetooth, switch back and do something on standalone… and so on.

  • Rico010
    Rico010 Member Posts: 31 Member

    NI, do you need more developers? I am working for big software services vendor. I can can help get more hands if needed. We have necessary expertise. Just let me know, I will be glad to present the company and help with agreement on prices. Just need faster releases, more features, more development. Will be happy :)

  • D-One
    D-One Moderator Posts: 1,458 mod
    edited December 2022

    They always hiring devs, for multiple things but you won't get far offering services in a forum. Apply in the proper place and send in your curriculum :


    I doesn't seem like they hire devs to work remotely tho.

  • sp4o4
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    @Kaiwan_NI any response to the above comments? Features that are implemented in the hardware but not available because of the software..

    Basically, Why is Maschine Plus so underdeveloped ??

  • Flexi
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    Why? are you on Mac? Kore2 is still one of the best devices NI ever made on Windows, the capabilities it has blows away Kontrol in terms of effects and modulation and morphing etc.

  • Flexi
    Flexi Member Posts: 346 Pro

    VST scanning is a non issue on Windows here, it is very quick unless a new plugin is installed, boot time is comparable to Reaper, which is no easy task.

  • tempsperdu
    tempsperdu Member Posts: 135 Advisor

    Like others, I never received an email and haven't been much on here as it seemed like it had turned into Tumbleweed Central.

    Done the survey and have the same concerns about it as others in its format and are they actually this time actually start addressing the mountain of issues that only gets bigger every year having had an overly acute case of development anorexia and belligerence over the last few years.

    Most users can see how brilliant Maschine could be, but NI don't seem to be able to or don't care. Same with Jam. Yes, anyone who has used it can't live without it, so they nuked it. Darwin Awards anyone?

    I started on Maschine about four or five years ago, and not only has its development been glacial, in many areas, it is actually far worse than it was.

    Readability, usability and speed are massively worse. The whole UX experience has taken a nose dive.

    Clips to my mind have actually made Maschine slower, massively clumsier and are badly implemented with overly limited usability.

    It's clear that by conception the framework of Maschine was prohibitive of that approach, but using Maschine as was in a DAW could get round that. Now it is the worst of both worlds.

    Similarly, why duplication was changed is beyond me and the way in which it was done was abysmal. People who wanted a similar approach to how it was changed found it not what they wanted either and to cap it all it doesn't even work with itself as it doesn't update itself between Idea and Arranger views. It has devastated my and many others long-standing workflow.

    To my mind having an actual usable, editable Automation should have been a far greater priority.

    The user interface belongs in the nineties and desperately needs attention.

    The sequencer is ridiculously basic and yet it can't be supplemented by sequencers that actually are versatile and developed without using third party software...why?

    Aftertouch! Other companies are actually adapting for MPE and yet *cough* 'The Future of Sound' hasn't even got a consistent behaviour in its range on aftertouch. Mutes and PDC don't even seem to be a glimmer on the horizon.

    Some people's first contact with Maschine is as a Groove Box come Drum Machine and yet it's mapping for being used as such is far from optimal. Why are the pads default mapping set to C3 rather than the seemingly far more usable C1 chromatic scale? Why is it ordered in such a way that we have to return to Pad 1 every time we want to edit anything?

    Another call here for user being able to set chord sets, the inversion option is so useless as it is as to wonder why it occurred.

    Also, another call here for being able to select and move/ duplicate multiple selections and /or the ability to create groups of sequences.

    Let's Make Maschine Great Again !!!! 🤣

  • Olihop
    Olihop Member Posts: 126 Advisor

    Concerning the software, it would be really nice to display the volume, pan and swing next to each sound by enlarging the column. It seems obvious to have these parameters at hand.

    And also add an area for a more direct access to the patterns as on the attached model.

  • D-One
    D-One Moderator Posts: 1,458 mod
    edited December 2022

    Given the rate that older users seem to disappear, complaints like that especially about how older behavior changed for the worst will eventually fade and be forgotten, unfortunately. Sad.

  • tempsperdu
    tempsperdu Member Posts: 135 Advisor

    LOL It's never too late to change for the better, however with things looking increasingly like maximum profit for minimal effort that does seem a tad unlikely. Huge shame

  • trusampler
    trusampler Member Posts: 52 Member

    Maschine dev's everyone doesn't sequence with CLIPS or Patterns. Alot of us just bounce stems and prefer to use a linear style for arrangement. This is lost on Maschine, due to some weird Ableton and Maschine mindset and has been for years.

    Give us the option to not play tetris and give us a linear option, or we will continue to only use Maschine for the most basic things, and this is also where our loyalty lies. As soon as there's better options, we move to other gear, no big deal just reality. At some point, you'll lose the customers who once tried to point it out.

    Also, if you're involved with Komplete Kontrol, make it MULTI-TIMBRAL.

    Customer # 1983

  • tempsperdu
    tempsperdu Member Posts: 135 Advisor

    This is something afaics Maschine wasn't built for, and I imagine the amount of work needed, if at all possible, would be financially prohibitive. Surely you would be far better off using a hardware software combination that was properly suited for such a task.

  • miknik
    miknik Member Posts: 21 Member

    1. Change arp (note repeat) settings to be personal for each pad (1-16).


    pad 1 plays 1/8 normal

    pad 3 plays 1/32 dotted

    pad 16 plays 1/2 triplet

    2. Add option to start note repeat with offset (1/2 1/4 and so on)

    and free offset (your own swing)

    3. Add option to hold pad, great if pad contains continuously sound to get both hands free to mess with sound experiments.

    Example: pad that contains continuously sound from fm8.

    4. Question about those settings:

    "Adjusting the Scene Retrigger Setting"


    "Adjusting the Section Retrigger Setting"

    It is clear from the manual that these are different parameters, 

    but when you change one, the second also changes.

    Is this a bug in the application or an error in the manual?

    Happy Native Year)

  • DeepThumb
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    Well, I will get an Akai MPC Live II soon.

    Reading their manuals and watching respective videos, MPC seems to be more capable in technical context. However M+ workflow seems to be much more intuitive. Regrettably NI seems to have not enough developers to compete with Akai.

    My honest view: There is no OR but an AND: M+ and MPC and Elektron and xyz...

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