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    "Link Please" sounds polite to me, sometimes tone just gets lost in text, I dont think asking for a source is calling anyone a liar. I'm not arguing with you my friend, I understand your pov of "go search yourself", fair enough... You're def not forced to answer another user's request. A bit overly defensive but, hey... up to you how to interpret things. Carry on.

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    I filled out the survey a while ago, but after thinking about it, what I would like to see most is an update that addresses all the annoying gaps in features that are commonly complained about. There are a few little changes that would go a LONG way, the one that means the most to me is a:

    SELECT ALL feature in sampler that allows you to edit every sample on a multi sampled instrument.

    I love multisampling synths, and sometimes the auto loop feature works great, but about 50% of the time it just sucks. Currently I can not select all and turn off the loop feature post sampling, I would have to do so for each individual sample which doesn't work for a 300+ sample instrument. If I don't catch the fumble and resample on a hardware setup without presets it is effectively lost forever. Currently you can highlight all samples but when you make an edit it only effects the fist sample choosen before you select/highlight. It is as if NI tried to do it properly a decade+ back but never fixed it.

    This is just one example of a simple patch that could have a big impact. An update that focuses on these little perfections would be greatly appreciated.

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    It wasn't the "link please" that was just pure out and out laziness, it was the next comment where they then take their laziness as me lying and not providing evidence, Google exists and this is not a court case, it is a forum (kind of) there is little to interpret outside of that.

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    Nice survey guys, hope this will bring what matter the most out of it

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    Could it be possible to fix the audio quality of Stem Creator? For many producer who would like to use the Stems process on traktor to play their own track it's just not possible, because the file is 254kbps audio format.

    Or could you please fix Traktor on PC cause it doesn't allow the analyze of the .stem.mp4 when we use alac format in stem creator!

    Here is the link of this topic:

    Please it will help so many people and it could be a huge improvement! It has been 7years since the first release of the stems process! Please fix it ..

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    I've answered the survey, despite I'm not very confident this will get us to something. I mean, this kind of survey / thread have been created from time to time and it didn't gave huge results.

    I do feel there's a lack of overall vision for the Maschine platform - regarding its own strength and its competition -, and probably an undersized team which spends its time upgrading for the latest MacOS every year or so, instead of improving the product.

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    I do feel there's a lack of overall vision for the Maschine platform

    I agree; it's a problem. I wonder what NI sees as the vision for maschine. What is the competition? I think a lot of the people here think ableton/bitwig is the competition.

    There was a thread back on the old forum where one of the NI guys said:

    The software is meant to complement the hardware. If we were to be able to have a mouse only workflow with Maschine, we could be selling the software separately and independently. At that point Maschine would also be considered a full stand-alone DAW, which it's not

    That's the direction I want to see them continue to go. But then they had someone come along talking about making maschine a 'start to finish' platform. Blah...

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    I have Mikro mk3. Loved Maschine since mk1 but have had a lot of time to imagine some helpful changes.

    My biggest gripe is that we can no longer "pin" the modifier buttons as we could on mk1. They are now either TOGGLE or MOMENTARY at NI's discretion and I don't care for the choices made (e.g. Note Repeat needing to always be held).

    Therefore my best suggestion is to steal a brilliant idea from Novation (I doubt they invented it anyway). On Launch Control XL and others, the modifier buttons all have 2 modes instead of one or the other, as on Maschine. The modifier buttons are all both:

    Momentary buttons when held

    Toggled when pressed

    Having both possibilities would be far better than the pinning function we used to have or even the "NI's choice" we get now.

    Particularly with SOLO and MUTE, it's extremely inconvenient to accidentally hit them while tapping a beat and suddenly your sounds aren't all playing because you've toggled one on and every pad you hit is now muting itself or others. Idk about anyone else, but happens to me a lot. This request would solve the problem and improve the workflow.

    Second request: Custom Chord Sets and Scales.

    Please allow us to define and save custom scales for when we know the notes I want to use but not the name of the scale. Creativity and most untrained musicians would benefit from this a lot.

    By the same token, allow us to build and save our own chord sets. We don't always need 16 or want them to produce common chord progressions. Let us mix and match.

    Final request: Per-Note Note-Repeat

    For live use, I've always wanted to be able to add note repeat to e.g. hi hat and hold that for tempo but not have the rest of the live beat quantized. Without having to record that first and then layer with another pass, please allow note repeat to continue for held pads after note repeat itself is released so we are able to layer drums freely, combining quantized and unquantized sounds on the fly.

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    Well I think the competition is most likely Akai MPC (probably the closest), Roland MC and to some extent, Elektron grooveboxes.

    Maschine had the advantage of being a hybrid platform in the first place, so it gathered lots of computer based musicians.

    But it's also a drawback for Maschine+ imo : this specific product can't evolve in its own direction (i.e. being the actual center of a hardware-based setup), since everything is done to maintain the software / hardware experience, on 3 different OS and multiple devices.

    I mean, having a proper MIDI experience in the box itself is far from being urgent I guess.

    Why can't we setup Program Changes messages properly ? What's the point of Maschine+ if it's not able to control external hardware with classic MIDI settings ? Like the other grooveboxes ?

    With the auto sampler released recently, I understood I needed to view Maschine+ as "standalone", but not in the usual definition, it's more "standalone-but-not-tied-to-other-devices-just-import-your-sounds-in-it".

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    i would like to freeze tracks, and the ability to batch bounce all individual sounds as groups (so that each sound can be bounced with group fx all in one fell swoop)

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    Can you share the results of the survey? @Kaiwan_NI

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    pretty heavy on the blue tooth questions, just saying

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    1) I would like to be able to have perform effects on Sounds and the Master.

    2) I would like to be able to name my Lock states and automate them.

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    Of course I participated in the survey, but this about sums it up.

    I mean, M+ has Bluetooth built in but they need a survey to turn it on. I think this represents the overall approach NI has to their products: they will do the absolute necessary and then stop. I have a Kore 2 controller in a box in a basement to prove it.

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