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  • Abandonedbandit
    Abandonedbandit Member Posts: 1 Member

    2.16.1 update….. no database. Yeah.

  • Danny O. Black
    Danny O. Black Member Posts: 3 Member

    I have Collectors Edition of 14 and Session Guitarist Picked Nylon will not load with Session guitarist picked acoustic loaded. Gave error message saying to use NI unistall but picked nylon does not show up yet if you remove picked acoustic then picked nylon will load. Why?

  • darkwaves
    darkwaves Member Posts: 365 Guru

    fwiw; I see this type of survey pretty often at my job. I've never asked, but I'm sure it's just another way to see how much weight is put behind each option. Would you like higher pay or lower insurance? Ok, would you like lower pay or higher insurance? Alright; higher pay or free tuition? Add it all together and, "It seems our employees feel that pay is more important even if higher insurance means they take home less"

    A couple of times, I ended up with nothing but options I wouldn't want NI spending any time on. "I guess bluetooth audio? Meh"

  • D-One
    D-One Moderator Posts: 2,990 mod

    I assume bluetooth is only there because the M+ has a big bluetooth logo on the box and after 2 years has no BT features whatsoever, probably just for MIDI if it ever happens.

  • basehead617
    basehead617 Member Posts: 132 Advisor
    edited December 2022

    Communication from the project leads completely stopped on Maschine but the last info we did get worried me - it sounded like they were considering going in a direction where they stopped worrying about hardware integration to features and were willing to allow additions to the software that did not translate to the hardware at all. I think this is exactly the opposite of what should be done - the hardware should be absolutely paramount and all the work should be about how to expand what the hardware can do and to make sure every feature that IS added to the software is fully accessible and ergonomic to deal with on the hardware.

  • Flexi
    Flexi Member Posts: 366 Pro

    I don't think is related to the M+ at all in any way shape or form, my email was worded something like, We are thinking of designing future products or something along those lines anyway, it didn't say, we are thinking of updating M+ features.

    I personally read that straight off as "Overlords want faster paid releases, what do we need to put in to Maschine v3 for you to pay for it" and I am not so sure that would be a bad thing, even paid updates are actual updates.

  • Felix1
    Felix1 Member Posts: 13 Member

    Thats what i think to....

    Befor they dream to make a new Maschine Plus, it will be much better to fix the Bugs.

  • The P.O.T.Y
    The P.O.T.Y Member Posts: 41 Member

    My workflow has been Maschine driven since the Mk1 mikro/Maschine 1.0. Leaving Reason 5 behind.

    • Vst improvement where the maschine plugin and hardware work as an Plug-in/HW controller in daw such as PT, Studio One, Abelton. I never grew to like MIDI mode. Thought it was for MIDI module users.
    • Automation drawn in line instead of plot. I can understand no curves. But no ascending or descending lines for smooth on/off.
    • If no linear audio editing in scene view. Can we get a view for scene to see audio module waveform.
    • Cant stress more than I have for years. Can we get the same Smart Play as KK keyboards.
    • I can not be the only MK2/3 user who believed the KK keyboard would just be a midi controller with a browser when paired with Mk or Maschine. Already knowing Maschine SW can only be used with HW present. I see too many KK keyboards online with just blue lights in Midi mode. Especially when there's a MK in the room. From pro -novice players everyone couldn't of bought KK because of screens/mixer view.
    • The KK and MK don't play well in piano roll. MK can only input notes based on pads (key/scale etc.) where on KK scale must be enabled and input notes depend on light guide. Example: MK set C major scale and KK set C major w mapped light guide. Out of scale notes can be recorded. In other guide modes the notes can be out of scale and only playback scaled notes. In the piano roll depending on KK guide mode, Maschine can record incorrect notes and playback correct notes vice versa. I believe the only reason correct scale playback is because of KK keyboard presence. Where as if MK only input notes based on pads, then there will never be a thought of "correct note playback"...only when KK keyboard can do it in Maschine but not with Maschine.
    • Better Piano Roll view/movement/selection of midi. No matter the zoom or drag select, visual of keys in correspondence to midi is difficult to maneuver to be on the fly. I can remember what Maschine update, but after it is impossible to shorten a note side by side another...the bracket doesn't flip, only when there is not a note following.
    • Push-pin (Top Right of screen) to keep plugins Gui on screen. Kontakt/NI products are the only ones I noticed with the option.
  • Uwe303
    Uwe303 Moderator Posts: 3,296 mod

    One simple thingy i never understood why not already implemented: why can't we shift note repeat, or change note length? Note repeat has enough free encoders, let's say i want an off beat hi hat, i would set repeat to 1/4 offset to 1/8 and length to 1/16 - but now i can use 1/4 note repeat only for bassdrums mostly...really? And i don't want to edit it after recording the wrong notes.

  • miknik
    miknik Member Posts: 21 Member
    edited December 2022

    In standalone finger drumming is always some pads needs to change position on pads panel (1-16).

    It will be cool if M+ creators add feature pads exchange. for example when "shift" button is pressed will be added button "exchange" in "Control section".

    That would be Native)

  • gakwayajs
    gakwayajs Member Posts: 3 Member

    Always the same wishes for me: a fft and wave analysis to help me designing sounds (monark,fm,...)

  • D-One
    D-One Moderator Posts: 2,990 mod
    edited December 2022

    Are you talking about re-ordering the Pad positions? There's a already "Move" button on the 2nd screen when you hold shift in the Pad Mode menu, it's right there on your screenshot.

    @The P.O.T.Y said:

    Push-pin (Top Right of screen) to keep plugins Gui on screen. Kontakt/NI products are the only ones I noticed with the option.

    Not just Kontakt, all NI stuff can be pinned, 3rd party stuff not really. Why? No one knows.

    Better pray not everyone votes down "mouse workflow" as pinning windows probably qualify as that and if they really take votes to heart we might be screwd. lol... The same goes for all your MIDI, Piano roll even "Automation" drawing desires as I really doubt all that can be implemented cleanly in the HW 🤷‍♂️ On MK2's, and smaller controllers it's def never happening.

  • troxx
    troxx Member Posts: 33 Member
    edited December 2022

    Better file management on M+

    Remove the folder hierarchy limit of 2 sub folders on the M+ to allow users to access their sample libraries/packs in the folder structure they want to use/have setup on their external drive, without forcing the user to manually tag 10's of thousands of their samples just to use on M+!

    Or as in the Maschine software enable access to the 'Files' menu on the M+, which would allow users to browse their sub folders on external drives.

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