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  • Schmapps1
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    Just finished the survey! This gives me hope that a lot of long requested features may come to fruition. Thanks for doing this questionnaire NI. Yay! :)

  • Owner
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    Hi there dear Maschine users

    Since day one of Maschine I would like to have a better integration in Traktor, which goes beyond Ableton Link. A Machine deck in Traktor or vice versa also the possibility to make certain controls on the Machine with Traktor. I'm aware that this comes from a completely different perspective that doesn't have much to do with conventional Groove Box, Sampler or DAW users. But from a playful aspect and also for live performances it would be an unbeatable duo!


  • Simaunux
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    In song mode, it would be awesome to be able to put a number to repeat a scene like : scene 2 repeat 4 times

  • Jakes_Lunchin
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    automation lanes that can cross scenes.(ie: automate cutoff of a sound/group that can be continuous across multiple scenes in arrangement view). Or, just being able to draw in smooth automation lines/curves.

    Bring back Jam features (ideas view is less intuitive without Jam imo)

    updates to sampler. Since one of maschine’s strongest selling points is its sampler, I find that it is actually quite lackluster to other sampling softwares. Note identification, real-time stretch and pitch sync, layering.

    internal midi routing

    this next one is a bit harder to explain. In maschine 1, when it came to bouncing/exporting individual tracks, the menu automatically deselected muted tracks (and maybe even unused tracks). Now by default, all tracks are selected, and you may bounce out several full tracks of silence. It’s more so annoying than anything, just because what I’m talking about USED to be a feature.

    I think everyone wishes the arrangement view was more DAW-like, or at least had options for be. Like, a view that bounces in place all of your scenes/groups/sounds so you can edit the audio, automate, and expand creativity. Maybe this isn’t Maschine though. Sounds kind of like a complete overhaul of what maschine has become to where people thought it’d go 10 years ago.

    This last one isnt specific to Maschine, but a big one that I see all over different forums across the internet is, NI needs to do a better job of giving the people what they want. So many people jumping ship to MPC because they feel NI lacks standards in customer service and consumer sentiment. The fact that this “survey” exists may be an effort to change this though.

  • Ed M
    Ed M Member Posts: 105 Advisor

    The dream would be an actual full DAW build around everything NI 🤞

    But actually in Maschine for now, this would help a lot already:

    A better piano roll. The piano roll now is almost unusable to do manual edits, look at FL studio as a reference for change

    Add midi routing between VST's (for instance with Scaler as stated already here by someone else)

    Factory plugins like the equalizer should have a visual representation, the screens and knobs are already there so half of the work is already done.

    Alow MP3 files to be imported, kind of a drag to always have to convert a file to WAV

    Nice to have, not essential: the ability to create, edit, import and export chord sets

    The hardware for me is pretty much perfect. Maybe an MK4 with a bigger screen and maybe touch capability?

    I really would like to see a Maschine Jam MK2. I was lucky enough to get a Jam, and I don't understand why it has been discontinued. Do you guys realize what an awesome product you had with the Jam?

  • Simply Seb
    Simply Seb Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Give us visual feedback on the hardware. Not only numbers on a black screen. Especially for compression I miss this extremely. And a tuner and spectrum analyzer. Both again with visual feedback on the display...

    Easily accessible and adjustable Master level

  • Blue.louie
    Blue.louie Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Really would like an easier way to drag a sample off a pad onto the computer desktop instead of having to export it! Should be a built in feature (like it use to be.)

    I understand the purpose if they need to bounce out to export it with effects, but if I resample onto another pad there is no need to export with and I should be able to drag it out...

    This use to be possible awhile ago. Then they disabled it.

    Please bring that back! It makes it much easier to share my sounds quickly while collaborating with people.


  • Wallirec
    Wallirec Member Posts: 7 Newcomer

    probability per step - you have been asked for a long time, but you ignore.

  • SoleDidIt
    SoleDidIt Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    listen, I think Maschine is probably the most capable hardware/software combo on the market, but ultimately I think you need to put all time and effort in creating a DAW with Maschine that can be used by itself, making a beat on Maschine without the hardware has to be the worst experience ever, and it needs to be able to compete with Fl Studio, logic, etc to live on!

  • Eric Rabb
    Eric Rabb Member Posts: 17 Member
    • The ability to draw volume and mute Automation on the individual track itself, midi or audio (ideas or song mode) VS. the bottom of the screen, and or the option to choose. Also along with other popular DAW implementations (split, insert, delete, mute etc…)
    • More than 1 side-chain input per compressor or VST.
    • Reverse VST Battery main volume configuration (on my windows 10 pc when moving volume to the left, it has the opposite effect. Am I missing something here??)
    • Now this is a big one! The ability to record a performance in ideas or song mode for playback. In other words the ability to mute a track, pan from left to right and use filters, volume changes ect…..for the Maschine to remember all of the performances to help build better songs and ideas mode (similar to Akai's MPC song mode) (Remember EMU XL-7, MP-7? You turn any knob while recording, it just played it back the same way you twisted that knob or buttons and this was in the 2000’s)
    • Give the user what’s being requested FIRST! But not to overlook bug issues and things that might take priority. Y’all nailed it with the auto back up feature!! 🔥🔥🔥 and thanks for the VST3 implementation 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🔥
    • Highest quality MP3 Export.
  • TheLoudest
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    Great idea for this survey!

    I have to say that I only answered with Maschine+ in mind..and in a "standalone" context..

    1) ability to program PC/MSB/LSB messages in step mode (very important when we work with external midi devices)

    but (of course) also all the midi CC# if its possible...

    2) more inputs with an external interface (for now it's limited to 8 inputs...)

    I don't know if the question about "more inputs" in the survey refers to that or if it is about "embedded inputs" (on Maschine hardware)

    but if we have the possibility to have more inputs with external interfaces, the embedded inputs are less needed...

    3) aftertouch through Maschine+!

    (for now it acts like a filter for these midi messages :/ )

    4)a REAL stop button

    for now it acts like a PAUSE button...

    (also very important when we work with external devices in sync...)

    5) GuitarRig would be very handy for guitarists who work with Maschine+


    Absynth would be very nice to have in the basic pack too...

    (its kind of an "abandonware" now, right?)

    mainly as a "presets player" I guess..given the complexity of the GUI...

  • Blezz Beats
    Blezz Beats Member Posts: 5 Member

    Great initiative and a good way to collect it all in one official place to get a clear picture, will do my best to help herd in some answers.

  • D-One
    D-One Moderator Posts: 1,458 mod

    I agree, good initiative... If something actually happens after. There are some questionable choices in the last part where we pick priorities but this is just me nitpicking.

    PS> I love how a post to announce a survey became a "dump your requests here" thread. 🤣

  • Olihop
    Olihop Member Posts: 126 Advisor

    Nothing new, of course sampler improvements, mainly:

    Real-time stretching / note pitch detection / round-robin / a dedicated rotary to manage the volume / low cut and high cut filter / an additional lfo (possibility to modulate the start parameter) / different playback mode for looping / visual feedback / more direct way to do layering without going through the sampling mode

    For other things:

    • better management of automation (curve and line tools)
    • mute notes
    • more options for editing notes
    • slicing mode for the audio plugin
    • 4 auxiliary sends
    • render sound in place
    • visual feedback for equalizer and compressor

    For the software part I would say make the patterns more accessible, have a strip where all the effects would be displayed like on ableton live.

    Hardware side : Ability to switch on/off settings by touching the top of the rotary.

    Bluetooth midi if I understand correctly would exempt us from using a cable to connect the machine to the computer?

  • Schmapps1
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    😂 this is the level of desperation we’re dealing with here

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