Gain Knob Doesn't Reset Filter

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Hello all. The gain knob button does not reset the filter knob whether it's set in SHIFT+Gain (for filter) or using the Gain knob on it's own.

Never had this issue before with Traktor Pro 2. Any way I can map a reset ?

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  • Uwe303
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    can you tell what controller you use and what mapping? What software, i guess traktor 3? And yes you can normally map the reset for the filter.

  • Alex Dutch
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    resetin knob to reset gain is not working anymore

    s4 mk2

    windows 10

    TP 3.8.0

  • Stevan
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    Happens ever since 3.7

    The work around is to map the Gain Reset feature inside the Controller Manager.

    Add In --> Mixer --> Gain Adjust / type=button / mode=direct / value=reset (or 0.5)

  • beltron
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    if the Gain knob is set to Filter as default, what's the mapping for Filter reset?

    the above input doesn't work, thanks in advance

  • Sûlherokhh
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    What controller are you using? Make sure you have only one mapping for it in the controller manager. You have to add the assignment to the existing (empty) factory mapping. In and Out ports have to be assigned to your controller.

    Do this for all filter/gain knobs (push). This is for the setting 'Filter (Shift:Gain)'. Just like @Stevan wrote.

  • beltron
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    still using an S2MK1... it's still working with my new Ventura M2 MacBook Pro surprisingly, but did notice that the reset broke after 3.7.0 as well. my entries in Controller Editor were empty, but will try again according to your attachment later today.

  • Sûlherokhh
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    You are looking for filter reset, not gain reset, right?

  • beltron
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    yes that's correct since I have the setting to use the Gain knob as Filter turned on - this is a setting and not that was added in CE. so i would like to be able to reset the filter by presseing the gain knob just like it did prior to 3.7.0 and want to do so using CE if that's the only way.

  • beltron
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    this worked thank you!

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