Maschine Chord Sets helper tool for Mikro users

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Hello folks,

I have both a Maschine Mk3 (which is awesome) and a Mikro (for when I'm at my tiny stand-up desk). When using the Mikro it's a pain that we can't see what chords belong in each of the Chord Sets... so I've made a simple helper utility to show all the chords for any given Chord Set and Key:

You can grab Windows executable and the raw python from my website here:

No Mac version but if you have a Mac and know some python you could be the one to change that :-)



  • Peter Harris
    Peter Harris Member Posts: 454 Pro

    Thanks so much for this! Super helpful to someone like me who has both a Mikro and an MK3 but misses some of the items that are displayed on MK3 screens but not the other that I'm aware of.

    Any chance you would be willing to make a similar tool to display the pad names in a selected group like the right screen of an MK3 in pad mode? (i.e. 4x4 matrix with the pad names, which makes finger drumming easier?)

    Anyway, thanks for this tool and your contribution to the community!

  • D-One
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    Cool! Thanks for sharing!

  • AndrewF
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    Newbie Mikro Mk3 user here (and as of today an a-series a49 user too!) neither of which have the chord screen/displays and I've been manually transposing the chord sets among different keys etc.

    I just wanted to say a big thanks for this, it's a great tool for me and probably others too.

    I've just downloaded your tool and it's terrific, exactly what I (and probably many others) needed.

    Thanks for creating and sharing this, it's appreciated.



  • phy7ajw
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    Update to my little tool above... I'm now on a Mac so had to spend a few hours converting the code to PySimpleGUI to make a Mac version :-)

    Both Windows and Mac versions and the raw python are now up on my Github (g7uhn). I've updated my Wordpress page above with the link (because the NI forum doesn't like links to Github?).


  • Joseph12
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    I tried to download it to my PC and this is what i get. How do i solve this?

  • 6xes
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    nice one!!

    i will need to test this out!!

    the idea of having multiple chord sets onscreen is very enticing, given that you can run multiple instances of the Maschine plugin

    thanks for making this available

  • Joseph12
    Joseph12 Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Thanks bro. Very cool idea and supper helpful. I just had to download with a different browser when the other didn't work; i used Google Chrom instead of Microsoft Edge.

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