Traktor Pro Plus subscription - will you keep it or not.

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It's nearly 6 month now and my Traktor Pro Plus subscription is near to get converted in a payed one. So the question is, will it be worth to keep it running and to pay for it.

Honestly I do not see that it would have been worth the money or that it will be worth paying for it during the next month. The interesting features, every one is waiting on are still so far away and not in reach. Also the basic functionality is all I need. If I feel that I need some kind of pattern player I would buy some kind of hardware which can do exactly this, even better and with a lot more flexibility.

It is sad. I was really hoping that we are seeing more progress in a shorter time but development seems still like stuck. Only compare features other DJ apps got in the same time.


  • Isotoxin
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    I have heard good idea to use subscription as a sponsorship. If you have money for this.

  • Scratch-E Con
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    I want to see what I am paying for. And to me, the latest truly interesting feature NI added was the release of TP3 where they enabled you to hook up any mixer without the need for an audio interface.

    That was years ago.

    Looking at the 'Roadmap' does not make me smile. Patterns player, give me a break...

    So no, I won't extend my free subscription.

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    I will be keeping it. I really like the Ozone Maximiser. I followed the instructions on NI blog on how to set up properly and it really does beef up my sound. I don’t use the pattern player to be honest. If this helps to pay for development of new features then so be it. Plus once the free promo expires in December, there is a 50% discount for the next 12 months. I’ve already said in a previous post if 2023 offers very little then unfortunately I’ll need to reconsider as i am getting more mobile gigs and need features like flexible beatgrids, Tidal. Stems would be a cool bonus. Let’s see what happens.

  • Aquadics
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    NI is a well working company without any financial trouble. It is not that they need the money to keep the development alive. I see it more as trying out how far they can go to squeeze their customer. It is essential for NI to provide competitive software which is not looking like fare behind to make their hardware more attractive.

    Also if they would have put the developer resources required to set up the subscription functionality in Traktor development we would have arrived at a complete different level. This alone show the ambitions.

    If there would be a paid (upgrade) Traktor Pro 4.0 with all the features long time user are asking for most would be happy. I do not think it is about paying something and get value. It is about paying for something which still not exists.

  • Klaus.Meier
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    Traktor Pro 4 will be a subscription model :-/

  • Kayya
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    As I mentioned before, I think it is necessary to keep up with the modern world. subscription system.

    but the hierarchy of the subscription system should be very well established. privileged service and innovative service should not be confused. The stems analyze feature is to play the music. this is not consistent when a subscription is requested to play the music. sound limiting feature is a privilege, of course, it can be given with this subscription. In addition, as a friend wrote, we see that the subscription system is empty.

    In terms of sponsorship, instead of getting money from users as sponsors, companies should sponsor users and sell products and services. like any other brand.

    All over the world, there is talk of stems analysis and that it will be paid. I saw that even the apple music application on a platform offers the vocal separation feature to the listeners as a standard. They were criticizing the NI company, saying that he is not debuting and saying that he will give it with money.

    Please let me know if you think I'm wrong. I'm sorry for my bad english.

  • Stevan
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    "In terms of sponsorship, instead of getting money from users as sponsors, companies should sponsor users and sell products and services. like any other brand."

    Kayya - You are not wrong. Users come last and companies are not your friends to help them.

  • Dj pako
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    I don’t use the pattern player and Izotope maximizer and I won't pay for them. But if I saw a serious effort from Native Instruments to fix many of the problems that have existed for many years (they know about them and said they would be corrected in the future without this ever happening) and at the same time they added new features that many users requested, I would pay a subscription.

  • Kayya
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    There is actually a lot to talk about.

     In the subscription system, the whole world is not on equal terms. There are people all over the world whose economy is very bad. Friends from underdeveloped countries will understand what I mean. It's so hard to pay in dollars, they research it down to the last detail, get down to the engineering and approve it, and they pay what's smaller than a tip for you like a big meal bill for them. If we want ART EQUALITY in the world, price should be applied according to purchasing power. I would expect a world-embracing step from a world company.

     I would like to make it clear to you with a simple example from the country I live in.

     Standard Apple Music subscription 10 USD in the USA

     Apple's sale to my country is 0.9 USD

     Just think about it and see how art is being made in the world. Buying music is still far away in these lands. While researching mapping for the f1 device in the past months, someone took pity on the words I used and sent it for free. I was very emotional that day. I would like to pay for your friend's right. I would be happier that way.

     That's why everything should be weighed very well in every work done. Criticism should be listened to.

     I apologize for my bad english.

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    I apologise for not speaking my native language as well as you good sir.


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