How to use Kontakt and Komplete Kontrol

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I have about 10 different Native Instrument programs installed but can't figure out how to use them.

I have cakewalk installed already and use it all the time. Using plugins with that is a breeze.

But I cannot figure out this stuff. It does not seem to interact with my focusrite USB interface even though it is selected in the settings.

How can I get this to work? I don't understand what the Control Editor, Kontakt, or Komplete Kontrol all do.

Where are the instructions?



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    your description is not clear concerning the issue between the focusrite interface and something else?

    im going to make an assumption here concerning the Focusrite interface.. and which OS you are using

    in windows10, if a DAW like cakewalk has tied itself to your focusrite... then the focusrite is essentially locked down, meaning every other program trying to access the focusrite... will not be able to

    If you are loading Kontakt inside Cakewalk as a plugin... then Kontakt will have access to the Focusrite via Cakewalk(cakewalk is hosting)

    If however you are attempting to run Kontakt as a separate standalone program(not as a plugin)... and cakewalk is already running, then Cakewalk has control of the focusrite audio device, and the Kontakt standalone application will NOT be able to acces the focusrite(cos its locked down)

    Controller editor is an application that allows you to configure&change midi numbers/cc's/channels etc... when the controller is in midi-mode

    midi-mode is different from the normal controller mode, so its only useful when you are choosing to configure the controller(midi mode) to function inside another DAW... plugin... application,(personally i wouldnt worry too much about the controller editor for now as its an advanced topic, which you will re-visit once you've come to understand how midi communicates)

    Kontakt can be used as a plugin... or standalone, its basically plays virtual instruments (simple)

    Komplete again is a instrument player used as a plugin or standalone,... but integrates with a Komplete Keyboard (simple).. although can be used with any keyboard controller, however for a user, who owns a Komplete keyboard, integration of the keyboard/controls/function on screen is better integrated with Komplete

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    Hi @alan93 we've got articles on how to use our plugins in Cakewalk here:

    How to Insert Native Instruments Plug-ins in Cakewalk

    Plug-in Administration in Cakewalk

    Hope they help!

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