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I installed Native Access and have been trying for literally days to figure out how to use it.

I currently have cakewalk installed on a computer with focusrite USB interface that I have used for a while and have installed different plugins but can't figure out how to use any of these native access sounds. After adding these "K" programs to a track there's no instruments or sounds.

Also i see Komplete Kontrol mentioend in the quick start but have no idea where to get that. What is it ? Do I need it?

I have all of these installed but don't know what they do or how to use them.

Native Access , Editor Controller , Reaktor 6, Kontakt, Kontakt 6, and Guitar Rig

I can't find any information on how to use this.


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    Yeah, NI is not so good at providing a comprehensive guide on it's different products and how they fit into the NI ecosystem.

    Native Access is simply the tool you use to get your products downloaded, updated and registered on your computer. It's also what you use to manage your NI plugins and such on your computer.

    Kontakt is the application you use to use your plugins standalone, or loaded within your DAW.

    Komplete Kontrol is used in conjunction with other hardware such as MIDI keyboards or specialized NI devices like Maschine or Traktor and coordinates your actions with those devices through Kontakt.

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    Your first thing you should be doing in making sure Komplete Kontrol standalone is working properly. Preview sounds working, instruments loading etc. Are you using a keyboard? You didn't really explain what you are trying to accomplish clearly.

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    Thanks, yes experiencing a lot of problems. I'm using midi keyboard with focusrite interface. Works perfect for Cakewalk and various plugins but not anything starting with a "K".

    Komplete Kontrol doesn't seem to play any sounds with keyboard. I hear them when i click them with a mouse but that is all. Midi is set up right. Also when pressing multiple keys on keyboard it crashes and closes.

    I was able to get Kontakt (not Kontakt 7) in Cakewalk on a track but after selecting voices and recording them, the sounds would quit working after rewinding and doing more recording. I had to re-select the sounds in the plugin all over again but they would drop out again.

    I had to remove it. Can't use something that is this kludgy.

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