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Lores fails installation stating larger requirement that specs

patrickbourke Member Posts: 9 Member
edited November 2022 in Native Access

I tried to download Lores via Native Instruments but received an error that there is insufficient space. The spec on the product page states that 72 GB are required and I have more than that. However, the error message states that I require 180 GB of space. Please see the attachment. I do not understand the discrepancy.



  • Seqsual
    Seqsual Member Posts: 41 Helper

    I went through this myself a week ago, indeed - it needs quite more space to "install and download" than what is said in the product description. You can set "download + content location" folder in the Native Access settings (preferences/file locations) to be on the external drive and that will help a little bit, but it will still need lot of space on the main drive for the installation. Once installed, you can move the content from external drive to your main drive and Repair/Locate in Native Access...

  • patrickbourke
    patrickbourke Member Posts: 9 Member

    Thanks for your help. I purchased a SSD and the download worked. Now, the installation is taking forever. 5+ hours.

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