Maschine multiple parameters on 1 macro

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When its will be able to have multiple fx , synth or sampler parameters in 1 macro ? I need it too much because Im live performer and its very hard to have parameters on individual macros πŸ™„ for example i need use filter cutoff, delay and reverb- saturation same time when Im performing 😭 and its very hard because i need to have individual 4 macro . Please Native instruments work on it . I know that its possible in Massive but do it in Maschine software please 🎹


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    πŸ’― I would really love the same thing.

    I already have it in my elektron Analog 4 and Analog Rytm. Also in Ableton live. They even let you choose how much a macro knob affects each destination knob.

    ...But not not in Maschine....yet

    As a guess i assume it should not be that difficult, or CPU intensive, but i am no programmer.

    Even if it was limited to be 4 or 5 controls per knob, that would still be huge!!

    As Lipo says, it is very important to us live performers as we have a limited amount of hands.

    Who else would like this feature?

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    Not a live performer right now but I think it’s essential for live performance and there are also situations during production when using macros to control several parameters with one knob is welcome.

    However, if more than one parameter can be controlled with a single Macro knob, the following settings are necessary:

    • Range of to target
    • Direction
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    I hate to chime in with a remark like this, but OTOH I also don't want to stop talking about how useful the Maschine Jam actually is:

    I, too, would love to have macros influence more than one destination. But if you use a Jam, it's actually really easy and even fun to really play with four parameters with one hand. The touch strips are so different from knobs that way and it can get quite intricate, like handling an instrument

  • ozon
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    @Murat Kayi wrote:

    But if you use a Jam, it's actually really easy and even fun to really play with four parameters with one hand.

    Probably yes.

    But my use cases are different, and I already did setups with a MIDI keyboard and Apple Main Stage to map several parameters (even of different instruments) with restricted ranges and different directions to do controlled morphs between two sounds on a single knob.

    Imagine that capability on the JAM touch strips.

  • Murat Kayi
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    Yes, I know firsthand that would be even better, because you can work like this on Reaktor Blocks with Maschine Jam. Btw, that would actually be a clumsy, but viable workaround: set up a CV to CC out midi learn them in Maschine and configure a macro knob block to play it in Jam.

    But apart from that I want the same thing: macro knobs in Maschine with more than one destination

  • Xavinet
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    I cannot even imagine this is not possible. Useless software without that. How couldn't we assign for example control pedal to sustain (full range) and releaes in the oposite way (small range). Every soft allows that, Bitwig, Ableton, Nord keyboards, Equator, Elektron, Reaper... And more : several control need control of the same parameter. That allows a lot of morph, fine tuning. I just bought Komplete 14 and unfortunately won't use that fantastic piece of technology.

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    Fully agree on this. Super necessary for live performances.

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    I'd love this as well.

  • MikeOak
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    Appreciate the discussion. commenting now in hopes of keeping the topic alive and in sight of the developers.

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    i find Maschine in standalone mode has limitations, and if you are performing in standalone mode... frustration will set in, as is the case with the OP

    if however you begin to use maschine as a plugin within a DAW setting, then more options become available, and some limitations can be overcome...however the limitations then become the DAW of choice..

    therefore the Daw of choice becomes all important.... whats more is if you understand how audio-routing and midi routing works, then you can essentially work with multiple DAWS utilising the best offerings of multiple DAW's running on your system... at which point only ones knowledge of a DAW's functions becomes the limitation.

    i cannot stress the importance of understanding virtual Audio-routing in working with multiple Daws to overcome many of the limitations people have when working with maschine!!

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    +1 or add the ability to midi learn multiple parameters to the same CC number.

    Right now only one mapping is possible.

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    You can do this in Massive, but that's about it I think.. Can you use Massive as an fx, like you can use FM8 as an fx?

    Or am I hallucinating again

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