certain NI plug ins not working on Digital Performer 11

Jason Klein
Jason Klein Member Posts: 3 Newcomer
edited November 2022 in Reaktor

I recently got the latest Mac Studio with Monterey OS. Loaded new DP, the Native Access, my Waves, my U Audio, my Arturia and several other plugins. All worked out, EXCEPT for Reaktor 6, Super 8, Absynth, and FM8. I have the Komplete 14 and reloaded couple times now. I made sure I have in privacy mode Full Access. I did everything that would appear correct.

When I went into DP plugins in preference, I had to turn off these 4 plugins and noticed they didn't show up as any form of VST, only AU. Can I get at least Reaktor 6 as a VST for now until the programming becomes compatible between MOTU and NI.

Seems weird that ALL my other plugins work, except for these 4.

Anyone else experiencing this? any workarounds. I just saw a post about this, but it was closed.



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