Is there an 'official' way to use the stock plugins?

mason drielling
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I had always put the classic saturator on my master channel for years until one day I saw someone using just the maximizer and the limiter.

I also just learned that lowering your input gain before using the tape saturator will result in a very different sound.

These two relatively simple techniques changed a lot for me.

I've been using Maschine for a long enough time to know that there's probably a ton of stuff like this out there I may never learn about. The thought of it kinda hurts. I think it would be really cool if there was a thread devoted to just sharing tried and true mixing techniques, in really practical understandable ways with just the stock plugins.

The kind of content beginners can learn from, and pros can go back and refresh on. But also anyone can post...




  • Tony Jones
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    I think you need to separate using Maschine from mixing and from mastering. There are lots of resources for all three, and I’ve found learning a little about mixing has changed how i set things up in Maschine. It also helps me to learn mixing in my DAW then apply ideas bacwards.

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    Hi @mason drielling just jumping in to say a dedicated area for tips sound like an awesome idea, so that they're not lost among all the feature requests and bug reports. For now though you can click on the "Tips" tag on the right hand side of the homepage to see everything under that category.

    If you have other ideas to share, feel free to let us know on this post here: Help us improve this new community

  • mason drielling
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    That thread is closed :( But I wanted to post this:

    When I'm looking for mixing advice in the Maschine section all I can find is hardware integration advice. It's not bad its just I don't have any of that hardware rn. I have the effects reference in the manual saved but I think a discussion of techniques in Reaktor, Maschine and maybe some free 3rd party effects that you can use in Maschine software would be a really good sub-thread for the Maschine general topic. I have a lot to share and a lot to learn.

    I dont want to hear from anyone who uses machine as a plugin within logic or Ableton in this forum anymore... im sorry. Maschine is a hell of a DAW on it's own.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Thanks for the suggestion @mason drielling 🙂

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  • Peter Harris
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    Absolutely! I'm with you on that. Let's have more seasons!

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