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It would be good to take more care and consistency about what is included in update installers for sample libraries.

Recent Scarbee hanging notes fix appeared in Native Access and it affects only nki patches. All samples remain the same. Usually NI update installers in such cases were small and did not include unnecessary sample archives.

But this time full sample content is included in update installers. So, for example, in order to update just few Mbytes of small nki patches and library info in Rickenbacker Bass, Native Access downloads all 7GB of samples.

Multiply that by all users having and updating these libraries. That looks like huge waste of traffic and time for both: users and NI servers.



  • PK The DJ
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    Are you 100% certain that 7GB was downloaded?

    I ran Native Access yesterday and had IIRC 8 updates. There were large GB figures listed next to each, but the download and installation was very quick, so I don't think those sizes related to the updates.

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    Good point, actually I have not checked that, just saw those reported big GB sizes, launched updates and left computer running, thinking it will take a while. When returned update was finished, compared files with backup and saw that only nkis and ncnt files were different.

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    Just checked actual downloaded archive. You are right, only updated content is downloaded, not samples.

    So it is just NA reported sizes are misleading.

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