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hi community,

i have a probably simple display problem, but no solution. since weeks. maybe you have an idea where the problem is.

i built a drone that works great and does exactly what it's supposed to.

the drone uses a multiplex16-sequencer-module that displays its steps via lamps at a distributor. 16 pieces horizontally next to each other. the sequencer is classically triggered via a clock module. the running time per step can be set in seconds.

below this row of lamps runs a meter module (value range 0-1), which is exactly as long as the 16 lamps. it should run to the maximum with each new step. the meter module is driven by a ramp oscillator (amplitude = 1), which uses the same frequency as the clock module. as long as the time is 1 second, both (steps and meters) run synchronously. the longer the set time, the greater the deviation. i just can't find the reason for this. is the problem known, or should i control the meter module completely differently?

i have attached the drone file. the best thing to do is first turn off reaktor audio and the main switch of the drone. then "run audio" on the reaktor and set the main switch of the drone to ON. then everything starts at 0.

i would be very happy with a tip.


  • errorsmith
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    hi bernd,

    the solution is to use only one oscillator for the meter display and for the clock, not two for each task like you have. oscillators can be implemented differently, yielding different timing errors. and the longer the cycle the bigger the error.

    the ramp osc is a good choice for this task as it has a hi-res mode (see its properties), which minimises the timing error. All you need to do is to trigger an event when the ramp jumps back to 0 (done by the "A to E Trig" module, see below). When the ramp osc is synced by PWR, depending on the phase of the ramp osc, "A to E Trig" could fire an event. that would make the sequence starting at step 2 not 1. the router filters this unwanted event out and lets only the events thru that are detected at the beginning of the ramp osc cycle.

  • Bernd Scheurer
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    hi errorsmith,

    thank you very much, that's great. i understood the princip. many thanks also for the example. this is perfectly understandable. i'm excited!

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