Some Reaktor sequencers don't sync in Ableton live

Dylan Peirce
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Dear All, using Reaktor 6.4 as a plug-in in Ableton live 11 - i'm trying to capture the midi sequences generated by the Motion Cluster Ensemble and have the following problem:

Issue 01: the clock lags, i.e. the longer i play the sequence, the less it alines with the grid in Ableton

Issue 02: when i try to record the midi sequence, the first note never triggers, and i have a lot of dropped out notes

I have as similar problem with Fm8:

when i program the following:

1 bar loop in operator 1

1/4 bar loop in operator 2

when i play the loop over time by holding one note say for 20 bars, the individual loops start shifting in out of sync slowly - this is kind of cool as an artefact but not if you want to control stuff

Does anyone have any idea as to how i could fix this?


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