Native Access 3 "Locate" function not working

James Davis
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I have many gigs of Kontakt libraries on an external drive. Using the "Locate" function and pointing to the location of a specified library results take quite a while and after several minutes of waiting this message appears: "That path is invalid, please read how to fix this." I have about 200 libraries and some install correctly but most do not. (YES full disk access is enabled.) I been using these Kontakt libraries in their current location for years but are now unaccessible under Native Access 3. In addition starting the app takes several minutes as it goes through "Activating Products" every timel Is there no going back to the old Native Access?



  • beatpuppy
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    This, it won't work at all, it wont let me download anything and any folder i choose gives this error

    It's broken and support seems to have ghosted. I really hope this is not the common NI experience

  • James Davis
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    Then there's the "Error While Activating Product" on libraries which were previously activated and working prior to the install of Native Access 3. And cannot be re-activated.

  • James Davis
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    I'm guilty of a serious brain fart. The "locate" function works correctly. My mistake was in selecting the same directory as used for Install which would be one directory level higher than the actual library to be installed. This explains was I was getting the "Error While Activating Product" as well as the "Invalid Path" error I was getting. I can attribute the slow speed I was getting for the past two days to either a sluggish network here or issues with NI's servers. At any rate the "locate" issue is resolved and I'm back in business. Outstanding issue is still that Native Access 3 did not find all the previously installed and registered libraries--most of which I was able to resolve with "locate".

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